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Longarm Quilting

Like most services, the price depends on what the customer wants and the size of the project. Barefoot Quilting by Lea offers several quilting types for the client, depending on what type of quilting is desired and the tightness of the pattern. Lea can estimate it for you quickly, either during a studio appointment or by email/phone.

The basic calculation is multiplying the width (inches) by the length (inches), which gives the area (square inches). All pricing is based on square inches.

Remember, there is no charge for thread!

For approximate prices of quilting, refer to the table below.

Additional Services


Barefoot Quilting also offers several other services to consider.


Basting:  0.7cents/ square”


Binding: Barefoot Quilting prepares your binding, machine sewing it to the front with perfect mitered corners. We can also hand-sew the binding to back. Quilt circumference is calculated by (2 x width”) + (2 x length”) = circumference in linear ”.  Pricing is:


1.  Prep of binding and sewn to front only, with perfect mitered corners: 13 cents/linear ”.


2.  Prep of binding and sewn to front, with perfect mitered corners, AND hand-sewn to back, with  mitered corners: 25 cents/linear ”.


Preparing of backing: If you need us to sew and square your backing, there is a $10 charge. Super-queen and king-sizes are $20.


Quilt Repair: If your quilt needs extra repairs, such as repairing seams, resewing of borders, squaring of backing (if excessive). Lea will call you if this is needed. $20/hour.


Batting: Batting is sold by linear inch at various widths, so there is less waste. We carry our favorite batting – Quilter’s Dream Blend.

Commissioning of Quilt or Quilt Repair: This service requires a more in-depth estimate by Lea. Please contact Lea directly at or call our studio.

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We welcome emails and phone calls. For orders, please fill out the Service Contact Form, so that we have the information we need to better help you. We look forward to serving you!

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