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Preparing your quilt

Here are some frequently asked questions I receive from my clients about preparing their quilts for my quilting.

How big should my backing fabric and batting be compared to my top?Backing Diagram

Your backing and batting should both be 8” longer and 8” wider than your top. For instance, if your quilt is 90”x100”, your backing and batting will measure 98”x108”. * Remember, Barefoot Quilting by Lea sells various widths of batting.

Your top and backing should be separate and not basted or pinned together.

Hints for preparing your top for quilting:

- You should clip all loose threads, including any really long ones on the back of the top (might show through the front). Your quilt must be free of embellishments (bows, buttons, beads, etc.) – they can be put on after quilting.

- Pressing really does make a huge difference in the final outcome of the quilt. The top should be pressed while you make it and then given a final ironing. I recommend folding the top once in half and then length-wise carefully, until you can fit it neatly on a hanger.

- For a video tutorial in sewing on borders, click here. This video was provided by Jo Baner.

Hints for preparing your backing for quilting:

- The backing should also be pressed and hung on a hanger, unless you're shipping to us.

- If you had to seam the back, press the seams (open or to one side – doesn’t matter). You should trim the salvages off the seam edges before piecing it. It's recommended to use a 1/2" seam allowance for this seam.

- The backing should be squared (all sides straightened). I double-check this before putting it on the machine and will adjust it, but please make sure I have enough backing to do this. If backing is in bad shape, I will have to assess a $10 fee.

- Finally, if your backing has a directional pattern, please put a pinned note on the top. It might not be so obvious to me.

*** Need help? Barefoot Quilting by Lea would be happy to prepare your backing and/or bind your quilt. Please see our Services & Pricing page.

Could you help me find backing material? Sew Batik

Yes! Barefoot Quilting is a Sew Batik Associate. That means that Lea receives a discounted rate on their fabrics, including their 108” wide batik backing material. Their beautiful fabrics are not available at quilt shops. Click on the icon here and choose your fabric. Lea will order it for you with her associate rate. If you visit our studio, we have samples to show you.

What about batting?

Quilter’s Dream batting is our preferred batting, because it quilts up beautifully. Barefoot Quilting sells various widths on bolt, so you only need to purchase the amount you need.

If you prefer using your own batting, we will gladly use it, as long as it lay flats and is the required measurements.

Can you do my binding for me?

- Absolutely! Barefoot Quilting offers two options to our clients. First, we can sew your binding onto the front of your quilt only, including mitering the corners. Then the client can sew the binding to the back by hand. Second, we can sew the binding onto the front and to the back for the client, with mitered corners. See our pricing information and detailed description on our Services & Pricing page.

- Please provide 1 yard of fabric for your binding. If you're unsure of how much fabric your specific quilt needs, please call us.

What if I need to ship my quilt to you?

Please see our Shipping Information on our FAQ page.

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