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What type of longarm quilting machine do you have? What size quilts can it hold?

Our wonderful quilting machine is a Gammill Optimum quilting machine, with a 24” throat space. We have quilted items as small as table runners and as large as 118” king-size quilts.

Is it true that you provide the thread for free?

Yes! We have hundreds of colors and types of thread. Our customers deserve only the very best quality, so the majority of our stock consists of Superior (including So Fine and King Tut) and Signature threads.

There is never a thread charge!

What types of quilting you do?

- Edge-to-Edge Quilting (E2E): Overall quilting that follows a repeated design, over the whole quilt top. We have thousands of designs from the elegantly simple to the very intricate, modern to traditional. Depending on the intention, designs can be chosen to blend into the background or standout to add interest.

- Border-to-Border Quilting (B2B): Borders have a separate design, but the inner quilt has overall quilting, as with E2E.

- Custom Quilting: Specific areas are quilted in space-filling designs, such as borders, blocks, triangles, sashings, stars…. We have beautiful design sets to choose from.

What other supplies does Barefoot Quilting have in stock?

We usually carry multiple widths of Quilter’s Dream batting: 47”, 64”, 93”, Super-Queen, and King. It is our very favorite batting to use.

Barefoot Quilting also usually carries wide-backs in solid white and solid black. Lea is also a SewBatik associate and receives discount rates on fabric (including widebacks), when purchased for customers.

If you would like us to purchase fabric from a shop for you, arrangements can be made.

Can your quilting machine handle t-shirt quilts? What about thick utility-type fabrics?

Lea has quilted many t-shirt quilts. They’re fun, but require special preparation. T-shirt blocks must be reinforced with interfacing to stabilize and prevent stretching. The t-shirts you choose to use in your quilts must not have the heavy rubber emblems on them – the wreak havoc on our machine! Same goes for denim, double-knits, and heavy utility fabrics.

** On a side note.... there are no perfect quilts. I can work out many issues, so don't worry too much.

Does Barefoot Quilting do machine embroidery?

No, but we do subcontract embroidery work out for our clients. The cost will appear on your invoice. If the work is very complex, we will have you speak directly to our contractor, who happens to be terrific.

Does Barefoot Quilting make quilts “to order” for clients?

Absolutely! We have made many commissioned quilts for customers. Lea enjoys working with her clients designing a quilt that becomes the perfect gift or memory quilt that will be cherished forever. Please fill out the Service Contact Form and we will contact you.

What payment methods do you offer?

Barefoot Quilting gladly accepts cash, checks, money order, credit cards, and Paypal payments. Please contact with any questions you might have

Can I ship my quilt to Barefoot Quilting instead of visiting the studio?

You sure can! We have customers nationwide and have never had issues in shipping.

It all starts with the Service Contact Form. Once you fill out the form, print two copies (one for you and one to mail with your quilt), and click submit, Lea will then contact you to clarify your needs and your next steps.

Our clients have preferred shipping their tops to us through US Postal flat rate and then have us ship their finished quilt through UPS (with tracking number and added insurance). It’s always a good idea to put your quilt in a large plastic bag and never write the contents on the box. Please include a printed copy of your completed Service Contact Form and deposit payment (we accept checks, credit card number, Paypal, money orders). Email us with your shipping and payment questions at

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We welcome emails and phone calls. For orders, please fill out the Service Contact Form, so that we have the information we need to better help you. We look forward to serving you!

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